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The Three Useful Steps to Solve Crossword

Now-a-days Crossword puzzle is a common form of pastime. It is also used
as an IQ test for many competitive exams. It is also a popular game 
especially for the civilized society. Most of all it is a very good process to 
check our own brain capacity or capability. To make ourselves more 
strategic and speedy there is no alternative to make a storm in our brain. It is 
a process of shaking our withered memory. It is not only a process of 
decorating vocabulary but also a remedy for sharpening the slow mind. We 
do not find it easy to solve a crossword puzzle. So this writing is dealing 
with the ideas which will help you to solve a crossword puzzle with no 

There are some particular levels of crossword. We can classify them in three 
categories. They are easy, medium, and hard. The first one is very common 
and consists of common spelling and vocabularies. They are also made in 
small and common words. The second one consists of common but contains 
more syllable than the previous one. The final consists of hard and literary 
words. It is a difficult task for the person who has not enough gathering of 
dictionary words in his mind.

Many people want a common way of solving the crossword. Especially the 
Examinees who participate the IQ exams in a limited time want a very quick 
solution to save time. There are also some books which show numerous 
processes to overcome the problem of solving crossword.There are some 
researched ideas too. At present there are many ready to made boxes 
(crossword hives, squares, trees) of crossword found in the web or internet. 
The more you read and solve them the more you will be able to answer 
quickly.Before starting your crossword solving here are some fruitful tips on 
how you can finish solving a puzzle even if you are just a beginner to the 

Step: 1 - Search the clues that you can
Usually in a crossword there are several words linked with one another. 
Each word is related to other. You have to fill the blanks with the help of 
clues. Of course it is clue on which you have to concentrate first. Never think it as a very difficult. Do not fear to search on your mind. Keep your
mind fully concentrated so that no common clues can be missed. So
confident in thyself is an essence and asset.
There are clues linked with the puzzled word. When you can bring out one 
letter by the help of clue of the other word consequently it will clarify the 
other problems. However the more you find out the clue the more the 
crossword puzzle will be seemed easier.
Try to read the full box carefully and answer the clues in the puzzle by the 
help of given entangled words as much as you can. Remember you should 
always return to the top of the puzzle to solve the clues you have found. So 
the first suggestion is start from the first box and answer it as much as you 
can. This will help you to identify the further problems.. 

Step: 2 - Check Carefully 

Now pay attention to the missing letters. Make sure that all of the letters of 

your answers fit the numbered boxes precisely. You must follow a chain-reaction of the answers. You also have to check the correct spelling of the 

word because it is very important here. Without an appropriate spelling of 

the recquired word whole chain will be affected by it. Keep in mind a silly 
mistake of a misspelled word can destroy your all progress. Some time a 
performer becomes stopped in the way and thinks that he cannot solve the 
particular crossword. But he does not think that it is just a misspelled word 
for which he cannot solve the problem. 

If you can discover your silly mistakes your ability of solving a crossword 
puzzle will be high. After following these two steps you will be able to solve 
or overcome the problems of solving crossword puzzle very simply. 

Step: 3 - Repeat over and over 
This step will shine your ideas and clear the path of getting right solution to 
successfully finish a puzzle crossword game. If you still find the crossword 
puzzle is difficult. We have the last and most important idea to be followed. When we read something our mind cannot concentrate on all the words of
the written script in a first glance. After reading it twice or thrice our mind
discovers more ideas in the same script. In case of a crossword solution 
game you must have to aware of the chain words and their hidden clues. To 
get the exact clue you must restart your reading from the top. Besides to 
discover your silly mistakes as it is suggested in the step 2 you must repeat 
your job. 

So finally we suggest you that repeatedly do this because going through 
them the second and third time might help you to complete the crossword. 
Reading again is not a waste of time. It is very useful technique because at a 
first glance your mind can not capture all the hidden ideas of a cross word. It 
will enhance your instinct power of solving the problem. 

Now it is your time to perform as an expert in a crossword puzzle game. The 
above three steps show you the strategic way of solving a crossword game. 
We also suggest you to gather knowledge on different words, vocabularies 
as well as many themes which you can get in internet browsing. There are 
many websites available to make yourself expert they will serve you many 
themes. Practicing is another important thing to be expert. Thus follow our 
strategic three steps and learn more and more from the website, books and 
take help from an expert person. Share your ideas to others this will also 
make your knowledge ornamental.
In Fine Make your minds steady enough. In all game follow this motto, “Be 
strategic, never lose your heart, and keep practicing because, “Practice 
makes a man perfect”. 

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good luck :) 
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