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Cracking a Crossword Puzzle

Considered to be one of the most popular brain teasers of all time, crossword puzzles are a real delight to solve. A crossword puzzle generally consists of few rows and columns intersecting each other to form a grid where each single cell shall be filled up with individual letters of a word by following a certain schema. The filling up words is based on the clues given just below the puzzle. These clues are generally phrases or direct or indirect definition of the words which should be taken as the answer for the respective row or column. However while writing these answers in the grid, you should thoroughly take care that the word is constructed with proper spelling so that they don’t interfere with letters from other intersecting words.
How many times have you been able to crack a crossword puzzle completely? Solving a crossword requires certain skills developed in due course of time. In order to master the game of crossword, you need to have proper grammar sense, a large stock of words, enriched vocabulary and problem-solving and foreseeing skills. Like the famous brain teaser Sudoku, when it comes to solving Crosswords the power of anticipation is very much required to properly fill up the spaces in the grid of words. If you can process two or more adjacent clues together, you can easily determine whether your selection of words is perfect to sync with the other words of successive clues.
Cracking a crossword puzzle isn’t easy as it seems and certain measures are needed to be taken for being able to properly solve the clues to the crossword. Have you ever considered any tricks for solving Crosswords? Well even if you haven’t, there are a few you might utilize the next time you embark on solving a crossword.
• Consider to solve a few adjacent rows and columns together instead of solving each row or column individually No matter how much experienced you are in solving Crossword puzzles, you simply can’t ignore the importance of this tip. When you opt for solving one clue at a time, you may be able to properly fill out the words in the blanks but at the same time you run from the risk of using the wrong word thus affecting their synchronization with other words. However if you consider a few rows and columns at a time and simultaneously solve the clues, you can select the appropriate words for individual rows and columns and compare them with the intersecting words for synchronization.
• Skip the questions you don’t know about and process them later This is like following the same instruction we are given before the exam by your teachers to opt for the ones that we know at first and then move on to the less known. Before you properly start solving a crossword, make sure that you go through all the questions properly. With the help of a pen, mark the one you don’t know about to solve them afterwards. This proves beneficial in two ways. Firstly when you start solving a crossword with positive results, you gain a lot of confidence which in turn nullifies anything that seemed difficult at first and secondly it helps you have a better understanding of the unknown words. When several letters of the unknown answer to a clue is automatically formed by adjacent and intersecting words, it becomes much easier to guess the word based on the clue.
• Don’t get stressed while solving a certain crossword puzzle It is of utmost importance to solve crosswords while in a state of mental peace. Solving crosswords require the utilization of a lot of skills and mental disciplines. So if you get stressed while solving a crossword puzzle or if your head starts spinning to the thought of searching the perfect word for a clue, it is highly advisable to take a proper break. Clearing your mind while solving a crossword puzzle is the key to its successful completion. However the break shouldn’t be long enough such that you completely get detached from the flow with which you were working with. A short yet refreshing break is the best for coming up with new ideas and answers to difficult clues.
• Take special attention when it comes to spellings One of the primary requirements of effectively solving a crossword is to have a proper understanding and knowledge about spellings of words. Spellings of words play a major role in shaping the clues of a crossword as soon as you make an error in the spelling of a word, all the adjacent words get desynchronized with the original answers and clues. Such delinquencies can be overcome with regular exposure to English dailies and columns where a large stock of words inadvertently helps you to enrich your vocabulary.
• Consider additional meanings of words that you already know about As said earlier, mastering a crossword puzzle requires a large vocabulary and proper understanding of the clues. You can properly solve different clues only when you have a wide knowledge about words and their definitions. However crosswords can puzzle you too and that is the reason they are so entertaining and widely popular. A clue might have an indirect or a different definition of a word which may seem confusing to solve. It is thus expected that you would know all possible definitions of the words you are sure about so that you don’t fail in filling up a certain row or column.
• Properly read the clues before processing the answer Last but not the least, it is highly advisable to properly comprehend a clue before embarking to look for the answer. This is because some crosswords are so trickily constructed that the clues may have a special punctuation at the end like a question mark which in turn may indirectly point towards a completely different answer that you have anticipated. Also sometimes the clues have the answer hidden in them, so special attention should be given on processing the clues before processing the answer for the same.
Follow these incomparable tricks and you would be able to solve crosswords faster and easier than ever.

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