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Can Crossword puzzles be considered as a family game?

Crossword puzzle came into existence in the early 20th century when Arthur Wynne created it. It is a fun and time consuming game which has a plethora of educational values. Although the puzzle was created for mainly spending pastimes in an effective manner with good amount of fun in it, educators from all around the globe quickly made out the possibilities a crossword puzzle can provide to a teacher. From then crossword puzzles have been used as a mean of interactive learning and education by teachers to help the students grasp the concepts quickly, brilliantly and in an effective way. Crossword puzzles are now an inevitable part of all leading kid magazines since it helps the teenage readers to improve their vocabulary skills, strengthen their spelling skills and helps them in having a good command over the language as a whole. The adults and grownups usually solve crossword puzzles for the sake of fun in it or to skip a boring period of their lives while staying in fashion. Can you forget the mere joy of jotting down hundreds of random words upon the papers and skipping through numerous pages of the dictionary just for finding the fitting word for the horizontal or vertical space provided? 
But with the advent of internet in our lives and being a common place saga now, our social and personal lives have greatly changed. We are much more reliable on technology than ever before - we even read our daily dose of news on the way to our workplaces in our smart phones. But it didn't greatly affect the fate of crossword puzzles as a survey revealed that millions of copies of newspapers are sold daily for the sake of completing the crossword puzzle inside of it. Even internet based copies of crossword puzzles are available right now for the more tech savvies who love to do things "on the go". But one serious question I always face is whether crossword puzzle is really a family oriented game. To find out the truth I asked this very question to several people from different places of the globe, coming from different walks of life - and the truth was revealed!
The answers of most of them regarding whether to consider crossword puzzle a family game were same as mine - yes, crossword puzzle can be considered as a family oriented game. But the reason behind their answer were various and truly intriguing. Some thought crossword puzzles should be played by grownups along with the younger generation to teach the young ones about the language, the vocabulary and help them sharpen their reasoning skills - thus helping in the maturity of the brain and sharpening their general intelligence. Some thought it was a social duty to join and help someone to solve the crossword puzzle, concluding that crossword puzzle is a great way to socialize. And some of them argued why one should play crossword puzzles when there are other entertaining and sometime more educational things to do on the internet. As valid as their reasons are, in my opinion crossword puzzle is a great pastime game to play with one's family members, but it can't be and shouldn't be played with more than 3 participants at once.
Crossword puzzles can also be considered as a family game for a variety of reasons. While it can be proved by saying that the very entertainment it provides is more than enough to be handled by an individual, the very reason is not enough to describe the importance and effectiveness of crosswords in our lives. Have come up with a few thoughts? Let’s see whether it matches with the ones listed.
Provides proper exercise for the brain
Brain teasers like crosswords help in providing proper exercises for the brain by constantly engaging the brain with the processing of information related to the clues. As your brain is busy at work, your neural sensors gets even more alive which helps in the proper traversal of your memory bank. This in turn helps to prevent the onset of brain related issues like dementia often caused due to unemployment of the brain. When it comes to taking care of your family, you undertake several measures to ensure optimum safety in terms of physical and mental health. So when you know that crosswords are beneficial in maintain a healthy state of mind, won’t you consider engaging your family in playing the game along with you?
Enriches knowledge of respective age groups
When you play crosswords with your family, you expose them to different benefits of the game to the respective age groups, with one common cause being enrichment of knowledge through the game. Crosswords not only help you and the adult members of your family to have a better understanding of things and increase your depth of knowledge, it instils an urge to know more in your children. This is because the young generation has a flexible state of mind which can be moulded accordingly to shape a better future for them. Thus introducing them to crosswords and regularly solving it with them provokes them to develop of a habit of seeking knowledge wherever and whenever possible.
Offers a complete entertainment package to spend your leisure time with
Crosswords are best known for being a complete entertainment package in all respect. They combine fun and wit in solving the clues and at the same time ignites excitement inside you which provokes you to not let the puzzle remain unsolved. While playing with the family, it bestows quality family time and creates frequent instances of extreme joy between the members. When a certain clue is successfully solved, it provides equal amount of happiness in all the members involved in the game. Thus crosswords not only bring you more close to your family but also ensure that this togetherness is long-lived. When a brain teaser can have such large amounts of benefits in keeping your family entertained, why opt for any other costly amusement? After all crosswords come for free.

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