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How to master art of solving crossword puzzles?

Crossword puzzle is meant for those people who love to play challenging games. If you have a good vocabulary then the game is quite easy for you and if not then it will improve when you start playing the game. Besides this, no one is born expert and required lost of practice for solving the puzzles. So, if you are a newbie then here in this content you will be going to know about the methods to solve it and how to master art of solving crossword puzzle? 

At first, note that you will require time to understand the playing pattern of the game. After three to four attempts, you will get an idea as how to play it? Now let’s talk about how to become master in this game? 

Mistakes are good

When you are learning something then it is very obvious to make mistakes. With each mistake, you will learn something new and slowly understand the game. It doesn’t matter how good your vocabulary is, you have to learn the game first. Also, it is puzzle and they are made to confuse and trick the players. So, if you are making lots of mistakes then this doesn’t means that you are dumb, it simply means that you are making efforts to solve the puzzles. 

For beginners, use pencil instead of pen so that you can able to guess the words and the right it. If you get the answer wrong then you can rub it and right in that place again. 

Also, when you are learning something then be loyal in the game and solve it on your own i.e. without any help. Through this you will be able to know about your progress. 

Try to solve short words at first

Short words are easy to solve and it will help you in further game. If you get knowledge about the short words then solving large words become easy task for you. On the other hand, it will give you an idea about the puzzle editor. If you do not know what is puzzle editor then it is a pattern in which any puzzle is created. Each puzzle is created in quite different pattern and understanding them will make you the master of this game. 

Best idea to get master in this game is to solve puzzles of a single puzzle editor and do not change it. 

After you become familiar with their pattern, move on to other puzzle editors puzzles. 

Increase your vocabulary

Good vocabulary is must in this game and when you are playing this game then try to improve it. There are many ways through which you can do this as there is no need to go for boring ways. Many players get frustrated when they do not know most of words. But you should ignore this because most of us are like that and as we grow up, we learn new words. Because of this, people older than us are more familiar with different words and phrase. 

For increasing your vocabulary, read novels or any of your favorite books. Books are a great way to learn about new words of different language. 

Watch English movies for this purpose as you will learn more English words there plus it is fun way to learn it. 

You can also make a list of few words each day and then remind it. I know this is really boring for you and because of this you can try alternatives of it which are mention above. 

Understand clues

Clues in the puzzle are for helping players but many players fail to understand them. Well, they are clues and you have to understand it properly otherwise you will never able to get the answer. If you don’t know how to do that then here is a small guide: 

If in the clue, you will see words like “abbr” then it means abbreviations. This is part of clue as it is telling you the short form of the word. 

Many people neglect theme of the puzzle but that theme is one of the biggest clues. For example if its theme is flowers then it is obvious that puzzle includes the names of flowers or something related to it. 

Also, one of the easiest clues is trivial clue and in this there is no clause for word play. 

Be patient

This game needs lots of patients and this is one thing which most of us don’t have. But keep in mind that learning involves a mistake which causes stress. The best to cool down yourself is that leave the game for some time. 

Go outside or talk with your family members. This will help you to take a break from the game and refresh your mind. 

You can watch TV, listen movie, play video games etc. These are good ways to get your mood in control. 

Focus on foreign words’

Crossword puzzles include words of different languages. It is shocking that most of us don’t know about them although we are suing in our day to day life. Many players just don’t figure out the foreign words and this will pull them back in the game. 

In this problem, Google will help you and you can search about those words there. 

You can even ask about them from your friends as it is possible that they know about it. 

Also, in the clues it is mention that the word is in different language. 

Other than this, one must think about plural words as this tip is followed by experienced players also. If you don’t know about the words then write‘s’ in the end and start guessing the word. You can also go for outside help but try to keep that help limited otherwise you will not able to judge your progress. 

Hope so the above points sound helpful to you. Playing crossword puzzle is not rocket science as a little bit of knowledge will make you the master of it.  

Good - Luck !

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