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Crossword Puzzle Solving Tools

Crossword puzzles are designed to be challenging. Over the years, the methods and strategies that people typically use to solve crossword puzzles has changed very little, but with modern advancements in technology, there are many new tools available to you to help you complete even the most difficult puzzles - many tools that were not available even 20 years ago! Let’s take a look at some of the tools, past and present, that can help you solve your daily crossword puzzle.


The dictionary can be a wonderful tool to use to help you solve a difficult crossword puzzle or crossword puzzle clue. Many crossword enthusiasts prefer having the Merriam-Webster Dictionary nearby while they are completing crossword puzzles to allow them to quickly look up the meanings of words they may not know. In the days before computers, smartphones, and tablets, this was a very common crossword puzzle tool - as well as a few others. Today, many people download a dictionary mobile app on their cell phones or tablets to help them quickly and easily search words that can help them solve a difficult puzzle or clue.


Like the dictionary, thesauruses have been used for decades to help with many projects and hobbies. Before the technology crazy that introduced computers, smartphones, and tablets with internet access, the thesaurus was another go-to crossword puzzle solving tool. Now, you can easily download a thesaurus application onto your mobile device for instant access to this helpful tool whether you are at home, work, or at the coffee shop!


An encyclopedia holds a wealth of knowledge, both past and present. Encyclopedias, though, can be used for many things other than performing research for a high-school or college report paper. In fact, over the years, many crossword puzzle enthusiasts have turned to using a thesaurus to help them complete challenging puzzle clues, especially when those clues are about past events or people! Before modern technology, enthusiasts would purchase encyclopedia volumes to keep in their study or home libraries to help them solve puzzles. Today, you can quickly and easily find the information within these volumes online, or by downloading a mobile app.

Mobile Apps

In addition to the above mentioned tools that you can either purchase as a hard-back book or download onto your mobile device, there are also other mobile apps available for you to download. In fact, by doing a simple search on Google’s Play Store, we have found dozens of crossword solving tools available at the touch of a button! Some apps may include a built-in dictionary, while others will allow you to enter the clue word or phrase into the app and it will search its knowledgebase to provide you with a list of words that may help you solve the clue. Some of these apps may even allow you to enter the number of letter blocks that  you need for the clue’s answer as well as other information for a more specific search.

Online Websites

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of online websites designed specifically for helping puzzle solvers complete difficult crossword puzzles. For example, the website OneAcross.com will allow you to search by entering the clue words, patterns, or answer word length and it will scour its knowledgebase to help you come up with an appropriate answer based on the information you have provided. Another great online website source is Crossword Dictionary. This website contains well over 200,000 puzzle entries, including movie titles and other helpful information.

  • Crossinary - this is a great tool that you can download onto your computer so that you can access it anytime, whether you’re completing a puzzle on the internet or in a puzzle book or newspaper
  • xword - this site can help you find the answers to many of the most popular daily newspaper puzzles
  • WhatsThisWord - this site will allow you to find the answers to clues based on the letters of the answer words that you already know.

As you can see, there are literally thousands of helpful tools all over the internet that you can use to help you solve even the most difficult puzzles, whether you’re completing the daily puzzle in your local newspaper, or trying to solve one from a crossword puzzle book. You can rest assured knowing that these tools are available to you no matter where you are.

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