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Train your brain with crosswords

Too many people nowadays spend time on their phones and computers all day long, they have lost the feeling of accomplishment that different kind of hobbies can bring, namely ones that involve using your mind. Surfing the web and chatting on social media can be fun, but after an hour or so of doing this kind of thing, you can practically feel your brain cells melting away. Crosswords puzzles have dropped in popularity which is quite sad as working on them can make you feel great and you can learn heaps of new facts in the process. You do not need to have an IQ of 150 to successfully solve crosswords, there are many out there to tackle a whole range of capabilities and this can help develop skills in a number of areas.

The advantages of crosswords
If you are a competitive person, crosswords can be something that you can do with your friends or partner as a type of social activity. You can both work from the same crossword book or website, seeing who can fill in the most answers or complete the most crosswords in the quickest amount of time. There can even be a little prize for the person that comes out on top! So next time you fancy doing something fun with your partner, turn off the TV and pull out a crossword book for each of you. Some people see crossword puzzles as dull and if you fall into that category, this type of thing can make it a little more exciting for you because it turns it into a game of sorts.

Working out a crossword solution is a great way to pass some time if you are bored, perhaps you are stuck in traffic or you are experiencing difficulties with your broadband service. Having a crossword book on standby can be great for situations like this; its important to do something different from time to time in order to stay mentally stimulated.

Crosswords are great for extending your vocabulary, this can be even more beneficial if English is not your first language and you are looking to extend your understanding of the language. It is amazing what completing just one crossword puzzle a day can do for you and it will result in you using more intelligent words in your day to day life. If you are a writer, whether as an amateur or professionally, you might be surprised what new words you can discover by doing crosswords and you can start to work this into your talent.

It is thought that doing puzzles can help if you are suffering with stress or anxiety. If you are going through a tough time, doing a crossword can take your mind off things because you are concentrating on something else entirely. Focusing solely on facts and words will help to keep your emotions under control. So forget comfort eating – a crossword puzzle is definitely the way to go to make yourself feel better!

Scientists have actually claimed that doing puzzles regularly can help to ward off conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is well-known that people who have an active mind are less likely to suffer from these terrible diseases, and crosswords certainly keep your mind active. Although this fact is difficult to confirm, working your brain certainly can’t hurt!

Crosswords puzzles can be super fun and when you complete one, you will have such a feeling of accomplishment. One hindrance that they might have? They can become addictive, but that is better than turning to alcohol or gambling to make you feel good and you can get that same momentary high.

In many magazines, completing crossword puzzles successfully can help you to win prizes including cash and awesome holidays. All you have to do is successfully complete the puzzle, find a hidden word and send in your answer. This type of competition costs you nothing at all and if winning something isn’t incentive enough to participate, then I don’t know what is. Look online and in magazines to find crossword related competitions and you will soon have the drive to complete the puzzle.

Crosswords can help to sharpen your problem solving skills. Not only will this be useful with the puzzle itself, it will make you more confident in solving problems in other areas of your life. This could be in regards to the field that you work in or even in your social life, problem solving is an important skill in general and crosswords puzzles can play a big part in bringing this out of you.

Where to find crosswords solutions to mentally stimulate your mind

You can find crosswords pretty much anywhere, including online, if you just can’t get enough of staring at a computer screen. Many of these websites have crosswords answers too if you are really stuck on a particular word and it is driving you crazy. On the other hand, there is nothing quite like having an actual crossword book that you can fill in with a pen. These books are fairly cheap and have literally hundreds of puzzles in them, this will obviously last you a very long time depending on how many crosswords you complete daily or weekly. These books also have the solutions in the back, but no cheating unless you really need to! Getting a magazine with other things inside, in addition to crossword puzzles, can be a great option for traveling on public transport because it will give you something else to do too if you need a break from the puzzles.


Many people brush off crossword puzzles as something that would not interest them, but the cold hard fact is that a high percentage of these, have never even tried to tackle one. Perhaps you are afraid you would never be able to finish a crossword, but the more that you do, the easier you will find them. In addition to challenging your mind, they can ease your stress as well as provide the many other benefits that have been mentioned. Get yourself a crossword puzzle book today and you could possibly find yourself a new hobby that you absolutely love.

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