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Online Crossword Flash Games

Are you tired of buying new crossword puzzle books every week or two, just to complete all of the puzzles in a few days, then have to throw the books away? Or maybe you’re just tired of paying for the newspaper subscription each week just to solve the puzzles in the back of the paper. Maybe you want to be able to print off new puzzles to complete, but your printer is on the fritz. Well, don’t worry, because we have collected a list of various websites that offer online crossword puzzle flash games for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere!


BestFlashGames.Net offers an amazingly simple online crossword puzzle flash game that is designed for beginner crossword fans. Unlike other puzzles, this puzzle provides you with certain letters already filled in, and with a list of unused letters to the left of the puzzle. All you need to do is use the clues within the puzzle to figure out what words you recognise, click an empty block, then click on a letter that you think belongs in that block to fill in the correct answer. This is a great puzzle to have younger children complete because it helps them with word recognition and spelling in a fun and creative way!

Yahoo! Games

Did you know that Yahoo! Games offers a daily crossword puzzle game? Yes, you read that right! Every day, Yahoo! Games publishes a new and challenging puzzle game on their website! Each of these puzzles are created by different people, and checked and edited by Timothy Parker. They feature two difficulty levels: “Regular Skill Level” and “Master Skill Level”. The Regular Skill Level allows players to use the “Solve” button if the player gets stumped. Clicking this button will light up the incorrect letters in the puzzle, allowing the player to quickly fix any incorrect answers. You can also choose to print the puzzle. There are three printing options to choose from: print a blank puzzle, print the puzzle with your answer entries, or print the completed puzzle with the correct answer entries. Similar to some popular newspaper crosswords, these puzzles also feature a theme.


WordGames.Com offers a wide variety of online flash puzzle games for players to enjoy, including crossword puzzle games. Each of the crossword games on this site offer different features, options, and difficulty levels. This ensures that any crossword puzzle lover, regardless of his or her experience level or age, will be able to find a game they love and enjoy.


Pogo isn’t only popular for it’s online card and arcade games. You can also play many online crossword flash games on this ever-popular site! The crossword puzzles featured on Pogo.com offer a hint button as well as a solve button, and you can even make it a competition with your friends to see who can solve the puzzles the fastest! Members of Pogo can also collect different badges for reaching certain in-site achievements!


Shockwave also offers a large number of games, both downloadable and flash browser games, on their website, including crossword games. In order to play, you may need to wait a few seconds to allow an advertisement to finish, but that’s okay because the puzzles you will find on the Shockwave.com site can be some of the most challenging and rewarding ones on the internet! Each puzzle features its own set of options, difficulty ranges, and help buttons. Once you start on one of these puzzles, you may find it hard to stop!

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