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Simple steps to build Crossword

Simple steps to build the toughest crossword for clue solvers
One of the simplest ways of having fun when playing crosswords is designing your own game. The best part about this is that you will be able to have fun with your friends and family. It advisable that once you create the crossword, keep it away for a while till you forget the answers. Once you forget the crossword you can now play the game with ease. If you play it directly after creating it, it will be too easy to play. The main aim of crosswords is to challenge your mind and you will not be able to do this if you remember all the answers. Making your own crossword is not a hard task. There are some simple steps that you can follow in order to make the crossword tough as well as intimidating even for the best clue solvers.
Steps to follow 
There are several reasons as to why most people opt to create their own puzzles. Some may be creating the puzzle for teaching lessons while for others for the fun of having their own self-made puzzles. It is important to note that creating a puzzle is highly satisfying just like solving the puzzle itself. It is however important to make a decision on the type of puzzle you wish to create before following the guidance steps. Steps to follow when creating a crossword include:

1. Method of creating the crossword - There are mainly two ways you can use to create the puzzle. You can opt to create it manually or use online based software for creating crosswords. It is important to take note that if one opts for the online based software to make the crossword, there are some design features that will be restricted. However, if one chooses the manual option it is up to their level of creativity without any restrictions.

2. Grid size - Since all crosswords deal with grids, make a decision on the exact grid size you deem fit. As mentioned above, some features are restricted when using online based software. This is one of the features restricted since one must use specified dimensions. When creating the crossword manually ensure that you use official dimensions if you are making an official crossword. In the case that it is a casual crossword, you can use any dimensions you want. 

3. Make a list of crossword words - Write down any number of words that you think will fit the grid size of your crossword. The simplest way of choosing the names is by following a certain theme. For instance, you can opt for a historical or political theme. Try and randomize the words in order to make it easier in the next step. 

4. Write down the words in the crossword grid - This is usually a complex step for some. It is however easy depending on the type of words one chose in the prior step. There are some rules that you need to follow when it comes to this step. In the case that you intend to create a U.S styled crosswords, ensure that all the words are interconnected. This style does not allow any hanging words. For U.K based puzzles hanging words are allowed. All the words should not have any form of punctuations. Once all the words are inserted in the grid ensure that you black out all the empty fields. 

5. Numbering - This is the simplest step when making your own crossword. You should ensure that you number all the first letters of each word. The harder part of this is usually labeling the words down or across. In order to make this simpler you should start the numbering process from the top left corner. In the case that you opted for crossword making software, the software will do this for you with ease. This is why most people tend to opt for such software. 

6. Creating a copy - This is the most laborious step in crossword making. When doing this, ensure that the numbering and the black spots are included. The only thing that should be omitted is the words. Crossword making software always does this for you making it easier. Create several copies depending on the exact number of copies you require. 

7. Creating the clues or questions - When doing this, the most important point that should be taken into consideration is the level of complexity you desire. For instance if it is a learning tool for small kids you should not use complex clues. If you desire a challenging crossword then ensure that you use complex clues. It is advisable to add some simple clues to help the player to be able to start the puzzle with ease. Ensure that you use different types of clues. For instance, in some cases you can use metaphors while for others synonyms. This is one of the features that makes the game interesting and at the same time challenging. 

8. Place the clues in a list form - Ensure that the numbering is done correctly. Start with the words placed across then write the ones on the down structure. If the numbering is done wrong the whole puzzle cannot be completed. This is highly important step since this is where the player starts. 

9. Test the puzzle - Answer the question or clues and find out whether all the numbers match and whether the puzzle is easy or complex to fill out. You can later change the questions if you feel they are easy or highly complex. Once this is done your puzzle will be complete.

These are the simple steps that one should follow in order to create their own puzzle. Emphasis should be ensured when setting out the grid sizes. Ensure that you research on the official grid sizes in the case that you are creating an official puzzle. It might take time to create the puzzle but in the end it is highly satisfying once you know you have achieved success.

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