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Crossword Puzzles: A Brief Description

At first glance Crossword puzzles appear complex and seem to require advanced math skills to complete; not at all an activity likely to suit kids. However, this assumption is incorrect. These puzzles are actually an extremely fascinating and enjoyable hobby for kids of all ages.Kids love Crossword and won't even realize that while they're progressing through puzzles they are actually learning and contributing to their education. All they care about is that they're having fun. By introducing your kids to Crossword you will be increasing their attention span and ability to focus, introducing them to basic math and logic concepts and increasing their brain power.

Best of all, you may even find that these puzzles keep your kids quietly occupied, resulting in hours and hours of blissful peace for yourself. Printable Crossword puzzles with crossword puzzle help for kids are available readily on the internet. Downloadable, printable products really are the quickest and easiest way to get an endless supply of Crossword puzzles for your kids. With paperback books of puzzles only one child can be using the book at a time, unless the book is photocopied repeatedly. Printable books allow you to print off one or two as required or print the whole lot and have, literally, hours of resources ready-to-go, for all your kids, and their friends as well.

The uses of Crossword puzzles in the home are truly only limited by your imagination. They are a great activity to share with your child (especially if you are already a Crossword addict yourself). Kids will have fun completing the puzzles and at the same time you can know that you are actively contributing to your kid's academic development. Best of all, kids will love the chance to spend quality time with mom or dad.

They are also a great way to calm down energetic kids just before bedtime. As Crossword puzzles require immense concentration and thought, you may just find kids mentally burn up all their excess energy whilst finishing a puzzle or two.

Another great activity for kids is to allow them to make their own book of Crossword puzzles. Find age- and difficulty- appropriate puzzles online and print off as many as needed. Let children cut out the puzzles and bind them together to make a book. Next, get kids to decorate and personalize each one. Name the book "(your child's name) Book of Crossword Puzzles." Kids take great pride in their own creations and will be more-than-happy to pull out their book at any time. These books are also a great, inexpensive gift children can make for siblings or friends.

These puzzles are a great way to keep kids occupied when waiting for an appointment, travelling long distances, or eating out in a restaurant. Kids often get restless when having to wait or sit still for a long time, so Crossword puzzles are a great way to keep them quiet and happily occupied. Print some off and take them with you wherever you go.

If children are being babysat for the night, leave some print-outs behind to ensure a hassle-free evening for the babysitter.

Today there are lots of crosswords that are available with crossword puzzle help options online as well and can be accessed by anyone. Crossword online lets a person play an ancient game that is lots of fun in a format that makes it even more fun. It is similar to a crossword puzzle, but uses numbers instead of letters. It is fascinating to all ages, but younger children to older adults. Kids especially are drawn to these puzzles. The grid is set up in a 9x9 format, with divisions into 3x3 grids. The numbers one to nine are put into the grids in such a way that no number appears twice in any sub-grid, row or column. It is challenging, but has different degrees of difficulty. The difficulty in large part depends on how many numbers are already filled in.

Variations of the game include using symbols or colors instead of numbers. Using symbols is a little easier than using colors. It uses logic and elimination to determine what goes in each cell. It engages analytical thinking, which is good for improving thinking skills in an academic area.

The game was invented in Japan, later going worldwide. It builds on logical and analytical thinking skills, for which Japan is so well-known. Once it was launched on the internet, its popularity took off. Being able to interact with the computer, choosing levels from very simple to very difficult makes it even more appealing. Clicking to place a number is easier than writing for smaller children and adults with physical handicaps to manage.

How to Play
Rules of play are simple. Just put numbers into the cells so that no number appears twice in any row, column, or sub-grid. Some, especially younger children, will play just by trial and error. Others develop complicated strategies for determining where the numbers go.
It can be played with paper and pencil, from puzzle books and newspapers. There are books dedicated to just this game, with hundreds of puzzles in each book. Lots of newspapers and magazines have one of them for their readers to solve. Some give the answers on another page in that issue, and others put the answers in a future issue.
Crossword puzzle help online makes it even more fun to play. This allows a person to compete against others from all over the world, giving an even bigger challenge.

Strategies of Play
There are no true strategies other than being able to deduce which numbers will fit the rule of being the only one in a grid, row or column. This makes it fun because there is not a complicated formula or math concept to learn. It is not math, it is fun.

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