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Free Crossword Puzzles – The Games To Improve Brain Function:
Summary: Crossword puzzles are highly helpful not just for entertainment purpose, but also for improving brain function as well.
Most of us are aware of the fact that brain teasing activities are capable of keeping the mind to stay sharp. Even, psychologists prescribe this technique for their patients as memory therapy. Experts state that playing games like crossword puzzles can stimulate the brain cells, thereby help us lead a happy, healthier and longer life. These entertainment activities can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and even if these diseases have already been diagnosed, the symptoms will reduce when the patient plays these games. If you are a first- timer to these puzzles, here are some useful tips to make your first time solving enjoyable:

To solve crossword puzzles, you should begin by taking steps to prepare yourself for solving them. When you choose to solve free crossword puzzles online, the best thing you can do to start with, is to have a dictionary by your side or you can also choose online dictionary to help you out. This will help you in getting out of confusion in identifying words and phrases.

Start by reading all the clues: 

Once you are ready with the dictionary, the next thing you will have to do is to begin by reading over all the clues. This will help you in identifying, the clues that are easier to solve, so that you can initially solve them to get clues for the tough ones. Even with clues if you find the riddle to be tough, you can take the help of dictionary and can bring down your search with the help of the clue letter you have obtained. For instance, when you have solved across from a clue and has found that the first letter for the tough clue is ‘S’, you can ease your search by looking only at words beginning with this letter. As this is your first time in solving such a puzzle, it is better to take a relaxation in the middle.

Take theme into consideration:

Your job will be easier when you identify the theme of the crossword puzzle. For instance, in most of the cases, the longest word in the puzzle will have some relationship with the theme of the entire puzzle.

Logic and elimination technique: 

When you are solving free crossword puzzles, you can use elimination technique and logic as well to make your solution easier. With the clues that you have got from the solved rows or columns, you can use your logical skills and can match the same with the tough clues to make it easier to reach the solution. Elimination here involves with the solved short words, you can somewhat judge the letters that will not form part of the answer to the tough clue. So, you can eliminate those letters to find the solution to that particular tough clue.

Understand the tricks: 

Sometimes, the author of the puzzle might have used some tricks like usage of symbol or numbers for completion of parts of phrases or words. A little bit of creativity will be essential on your part to solve this type of puzzle. For instance, the puzzle might have the world ‘plus’ in all clues and this might indicate that you should put a plus symbol, where these clues meet each other. Sometimes, you will have to replace a word with a number.

Now, with these things known, you will be interested in understanding the benefits of free crossword puzzles, let us find the answer here:

Play without spending any money: 

Yes, there are sources online that will help you play these games for free without having to spend your money. So, besides entertainment aspect, the savings benefit is something that attracts many people towards free crossword puzzles.

Easy practice: Generally, the crossword puzzles that we find in some magazines and newspapers will be highly tough. Many people have the dream of solving these newspaper puzzles, but they will have great difficulty in finding the answer for even two or three clues. But, the best thing these people can do is to try out free crossword puzzles online as a means of practicing huge puzzles in newspapers and magazines. 

Prevention of dementia:

As mentioned earlier, puzzles, regardless of their type are capable of sharpening the brain of individuals. You will be surprised to know that the Alzheimer’s Association has recommended this gaming for helping patients to fight against dementia and related disorders. 

Improvement in verbal skills:

As you will be researching new clues with the help of dictionary, you will get the chance to find new words along with their meaning. This is an excellent opportunity for those looking for ways to improve their verbal skills. 

Solving practical problems efficiently: 

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, when you begin playing free crossword puzzles, you will notice that your problem-solving ability has improved considerably. As you get the habit of solving the encoded clues, your problem solving ability will improve considerably.

Learn to see patterns: 

Patterns can bring new meaning to our lives and if you are like me, with great interest towards patterns, you are sure to enjoy patterns and when you start laying focus on the structure, you will get to see that they explain how different things are connected and they are the fundamentals of mathematics and science. 

Understand your flow:

Once you start playing free crossword puzzles, you will find that your flow has improved considerably with one puzzle after the puzzle. The reason is that once you start solving, you will learn the tricks associated with solving clues and also there are chances that you might come across similar or even the same clue is repeated in many puzzles. 

So, with regular playing, you will get the above-mentioned benefits and will enjoy one win after the other. The wins will automatically bring in a boost to your confidence level and will of course bring you happiness and enjoyment in solving many free crossword puzzles. So, are you ready for the action?

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